Product Details

Sanitary Bin

Specification Description
Dimensions (H X W X D) 559 X 177 X 355 MM
Weight 5  Kgs
Type Of Machine Manual
Operating Features Foot Peddle Press
Type Of Disposal Waste Segregation
Storage Capacity 12 Litres
Type Of Pads All Types Of Used Pads
Type Of Liner Oxo-Biodegradable, No Harmful Residues / Fragments Or Methane Traces
Liner Change Once Every 10 to 15 Days
Liner Quantity Pack of 25 Nos of White Liners (Enough for 25 Changes)
Deodoriser Initial Liquid, Later Turns To Gel Based Blue Crystals – Odourless & Safe
Deodoriser Change Goes Inside The Liner, As Frequently As Liner, 20 – 30 ML Per Liner
Deodoriser Quantity 1 Kg Bottle
Shape Sleek & Slim
Material Of Outer Body Recyclable Thermoplastic, Chemical Resistant
Mode Of Function Stand Alone
Installation Floor Placed
Disposal Of Used Liner Submission To Local Municipal Waste Collectors By Way Of Segregation
Uniqueness Bin Service Can Be Performed By In-House House Keeping Staff As Well


A Bin That Directly Accepts Used Menstrual Waste Without Wrapping It In Paper and Can be Serviced One In Every 15 Days To Segregate This Biological Semi Hazardous Waste From Dry & Wet Waste. Preferred By Malls, Hospitals, Airports, Bus Stands, Offices, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, etc.

Additional information


₹750 to ₹15,000


Bin, Oxo-Biodegradable Liner, Deodoriser, 18% GST, Delivery, User Manual, PDI Report, One-Year Comprehensive Warranty (with 100% replacement within warranty), Engineer Service and Remote Engineer Service.


Pad capacities (12, 18 & 23 Litres Of Pad Disposal); Disposal System (Peddle Press & Top Ring)