Product Details

Pads R and Pads L


Specification Description
Dimensions 240 X 80 X 155 mm (Length X Width Wing) 65 mm (Base Width
280 X 80 X 155 mm (Length X Width X Wing) 85 mm (Base Width)
Absorbency 240 mm: Up To 140 ml Capacity with 4-6 hours Absorbency
280 mm: Up To 200 ml Capacity with 6-8 hours Absorbency
Packing Individually Wrapped, Pencil packing
Layers 1. Soft Aperture Woven Soft Top Fabric (Cotton) Sheet.
2. Woven Cloth Anion Chip (which contains 6100 anion/cm3. It
works naturally to relieve menstrual discomforts).
3. Air-Laid Paper (360 degree tightly wrapped, not easy causes
napkins deformities).
4. Safe Super Absorbent Polymer (effectively blocks the water
more than ten times, keep dry).
5. Professional Diversion Layer (can accelerate the liquid to
proliferate rapidly, is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the
side to leak).
6. Air-Laid Paper (enhance freshness, provides maximum
absorbency per sanitary pad).
7. PE Breathable Leak-Proof Bottom layer (allows the air to be
absorbed in for ventilation).
8. Strong Adhesive Glue Release Paper (specially designed
back adhesive which conforms to human ergonomics).
Expiration 18 Months
Manufactured Locally
Uniqueness High Absorbency


240 & 280 mm, Ultra-Thin, SAP Based, Sanitary Pad